Top 9 Teams Selected

The Big Ten Student Design Challenge local judging committee has officially narrowed down the applicant pool to the top 9 submissions.

Each school designated a particular space to be redesigned on their campus so proposals varied between and within participating universities. In total we received 64 entries across the 9 competing schools. Due to the nature of the competition criteria, the student teams come from a variety of different backgrounds, majors and class ranks. Each group created their own design and selected furnishings from a Herman Miller catalog customized for this competition.

A common theme included balancing both work and relaxation areas, but with a small separation through strategic placement of furniture. Another important factor seemed to be the incorporation of natural light or warmth. If natural light was not available (e.g., basement or no windows), teams incorporated small plants into their designs to connect the décor to nature. The top team from each school is listed below with a link to their winning proposal:

The next step of the competition will take place over the week of December 17th, 2018 as judges narrow the top 9 from each school down to the top 3 overall. The top 3 teams will win a trip to Herman Miller headquarters to collaborate with industry professionals and refine their design for a final pitch before a single winning design is chosen and built. Stay tuned for the results!